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Give your healthcare facility a very important check-up


Healthy Beginnings

Clearly identifiable exterior signage provides crucial navigation for patients and visitors of your clinic or healthcare facility. Make sure your signs can be seen easily from the street and any nearby road junctions and transport hubs. Consider displaying your services and contact details, as well as any pertinent parking or wayfinding information.

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Light Relief

Illuminated signs can give your facility a dramatic face-lift. Prominent building signs can be seen from a great distance, while back-lit lightboxes provide the perfect canvas for important messaging. The combination of dimensional lettering and LEDs is an instant attention-grabber for assisting visitor navigation, or even just lending a calming aesthetic to waiting areas.

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A Quick Once-Over

Take the time to do a regular audit of your wayfinding and directional signs to ensure they are in the right places and working how they should be. If your reception staff are constantly fielding requests for directions, it's time to call us!

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The Ideal Wait

Waiting can be a boring, and sometimes nerve-wracking experience. Make the process more enjoyable for your visitors by using custom-printed wall graphics and vinyl to create visual spaces that inform and calm.

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